pelewanabesega (pelewanabesega) wrote in pdxplore,

Dammasch Mental Hospital at Night

I thought I'd share some of my nightime pictures that I've taken at Dammasch, both during exploration, and during work. By the way, its creepy as hell working in there when its dark and all you've got is a little lantern. But I digress.

A corner on the D-wing of the building.

The only remaining door in the high security sections. These doors had four deadbolts holding them shut.

A dark hallway

A little "bedroom" that is in the hospital, can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?

It was a foggy night outside, but inside it was dark.

The lab on the 1st floor of the D-wing

A screen door in one of the recreation rooms.

The view out one of the windows into a foggy night, it was so foggy we almost t-boned a semi on the way home

The shadows of the window panes on the wall.

Unique looking shelves in some sort of Nurses station.

Technicly not a night shot, but this is "The Button"

I hope you enjoyed the pictures
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