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Hey some friends and I want to get started with some UE and we need list of places to go look at. Anyone have some good leads? Warehouses? Asylums?

I'm supposed to go to a mental health asylum tonight, but I don't know which one it is or if my friends even know what they're talking about. I think it might be in Vancouver, a bit outside of Portland... which might make this post void.

But hey, Vancouver's just a suburb of Portland, am I right?

Washington-Monroe High School

Hey, just a heads-up, check any of the local news sites or the Oregonian. The former Washington - Monroe high school in SE Portland is being quickly refurbished to house approx. 1000 Hurricane Evacuees...
The company I work for is donating a large amount of money and food to the evacuees and I've been asked to take pictures to forward to corporate, I'll try to break off and get some pictures of the inside of the building where there aren't evacuees...

This and That

Hey, I just got an email from one of the workers at Villebois, formerly known as Dammasch. Starting today, Tuesday the 5th, they are going to start tearing down the water towers at Villebois. They've also opened a 1.6 mile pathway around the grounds and will soon be releasing 400 goats onto the property to eat up some of the blackberry bushes.
They completed the 1st houses in mid-June but they are being used as demo houses.

On another subject, I made a exploratory trip to Fairview Training Center in Salem last week. Be Careful there, they have 24-hour security patrols and you WILL go to jail if you are caught. I spoke with the guard and he mentioned they are allowed to detain tresspasers until police arrive but he may have been just trying to scare me, who knows. I do know that you need to be awfully careful if you do go exploring the area.

Thats all for now. I'm gonna go explore the old Washington High School in Portland sometime later this week, if anybody cares to go, drop me a line.

Oregon State Hospital

I finally got into the abandoned wing of the hospital. This is a hospital that houses prisoners so you do have to get permission on this one. Anyhow, Here are some of the images and you can find the rest here. Unfortunately, the main, and oldest building will soon be torn down.

Here's a quick little gif of the exterior. I actually took an earlier trip to the hospital and got a lot of exterior shots, but you can find those at my site.
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First of all, a map. The highlighted area is where I wasmapCollapse )

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A shot in the dark

Hi. New here.
Anybody happen to know of any non-public tour entrances (or exits) for the Shanghai Tunnels. I've heard that my place of employment runs over them and had the opportunity to explore a bit last night but couldn't find anything substantial.

Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children.

Image hosted by

This hospital was torn down last year but I finally got around to scanning the rest of my photos and putting them up to tell the story of my little jaunt through it. It was once located next to The Grotto. You can find all the photos here.

My main site is here.

The site includes both my artwork involving abandoned institutions and the photos I take when I explore them. Have fun.

Dammasch Mental Hospital at Night

I thought I'd share some of my nightime pictures that I've taken at Dammasch, both during exploration, and during work. By the way, its creepy as hell working in there when its dark and all you've got is a little lantern. But I digress.

A corner on the D-wing of the building.

The only remaining door in the high security sections. These doors had four deadbolts holding them shut.

A dark hallway

A little "bedroom" that is in the hospital, can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?

It was a foggy night outside, but inside it was dark.

The lab on the 1st floor of the D-wing

A screen door in one of the recreation rooms.

The view out one of the windows into a foggy night, it was so foggy we almost t-boned a semi on the way home

The shadows of the window panes on the wall.

Unique looking shelves in some sort of Nurses station.

Technicly not a night shot, but this is "The Button"

I hope you enjoyed the pictures

Fairview Training Center in Salem

My name is Ryan and I live in Lake Oswego. This is my first post to this group, though I've been watching it for a while. I was wondering if anybody has ever been to the Fairview Training Center in Salem. I've been thinking about going down and checking it out some time, it looks like a neat building.